Thursday, August 18, 2011

be however you want to be

Seems like everywhere I look there's a photo of Halle Berry looking impossibly fit in a bikini top and sarong with the caption "How Halle looks so amazing on her 45th birthday!"

Simple. She eats sparingly, and nothing past 7pm (or so I've read), and works out with a trainer 4-5 days a week. I understand that being gorgeous is just part of her job, why she makes millions of dollars even though I can't remember the last film she made of any worth. Who I really feel sorry for is her daughter because what she's being taught is deny yourself to be what the world wants you to be. We tell our daughters you can be whatever you astronaut, artist, president...which is true. What we don't tell them is that you can't be however you want. It's a struggle in this world as a female to have too strong a voice, a contrary opinion, or viewpoint. And when almost every woman I know with a young daughter is on a perpetual diet I wonder what exactly we are teaching them about being however they want.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Feelin like a hater lately

I've realized that yes, I pretty much live for watching movies and reading novels, but I really also like to vent. A blog can really be like an out loud diary in which I vent and don't edit and thus I will be more able to actually express this stuff that drives me bonkers, like...

~ runners who don't leave enough room between themselves and anyone else so they bump you as they race by, only to turn back around and glare at you, yes you, because you dared to walk instead of run. it's your knees, people.

~ rick perry announcing he's running for president.

~ drivers who park so poorly they end up taking up two spaces.

~ people who make their dogs run alongside them while they bike. really?

~ racism tanking our economy.

In general, just f&*^$in tired of this narcissistic, ego-driven, paternalistic society we find ourselves in. "Oh, but not in the bay area!" folks say...ummm, yeah, even here.
I've failed in the past, but I swear I'm gonna keep writin' this crap down so some people here it and our wee ones inherit a better earth.