Thursday, August 18, 2011

be however you want to be

Seems like everywhere I look there's a photo of Halle Berry looking impossibly fit in a bikini top and sarong with the caption "How Halle looks so amazing on her 45th birthday!"

Simple. She eats sparingly, and nothing past 7pm (or so I've read), and works out with a trainer 4-5 days a week. I understand that being gorgeous is just part of her job, why she makes millions of dollars even though I can't remember the last film she made of any worth. Who I really feel sorry for is her daughter because what she's being taught is deny yourself to be what the world wants you to be. We tell our daughters you can be whatever you astronaut, artist, president...which is true. What we don't tell them is that you can't be however you want. It's a struggle in this world as a female to have too strong a voice, a contrary opinion, or viewpoint. And when almost every woman I know with a young daughter is on a perpetual diet I wonder what exactly we are teaching them about being however they want.

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